“Stereotyped movements”

“You feel like your insides are trying to come out and there’s all this pressure inside of you like your body is exploding and your skin is the only thing holding it together. This makes you feel really uncomfortable so you try to move around to get comfortable and you twist your hands or shift in your chair or flap your arms, just doing whatever it takes to try to get rid of all that tension in your body. And the thing is, when you’re doing it, you don’t even realize that it’s not normal. I mean, if anyone had that kind of feeling, they’d probably be trying to move around to get rid of it too, right?”

I wrote this a few weeks ago as my take on stereotyped/ repetitive movements that are a symptom of autism. As far as I can tell, researchers haven’t really come up with an explanation for why people with autism use repetitive movement other than that it probably stimulates them in some way.

I’m not saying that this is true for everyone with autism, but in my case, I think this is why I do some strange movements sometimes and maybe it applies to other people as well.


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