Deeper topics

I started this blog hoping to let people know what different behaviors that characterize someone as having autism might feel like to those of us with autism. I wanted people to have a different perspective on why individuals with autism might act the way they do and to possibly get a sense of how things might be different to someone with autism. I didn’t want this blog to be about me or about my experiences with autism necessarily, but I have realized that as I get deeper into symptoms of autism and to the core of what makes someone with autism who they are, this blog may become more personal than I intended.

I like to pretend that I am normal and that I’ve overcome everything with autism and can just blend in with the crowd. I wanted this blog to keep that guise because I don’t want people to see me as disabled or abnormal. Having autism doesn’t make me any less than anyone else, it just makes me different. I hope that as I talk about these more sensitive topics that you will keep that in mind and consider the difficulties someone with autism might face while trying not to alienate them in your mind.




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