I stopped writing in this blog because i kind of scared myself away. I didn’t get nervous because i was afraid about how people would see me as someone with autism. Instead i was nervous because maybe what i feel to be my most autistic characteristics would not be considered by others to be autism at all. Then i would be not only segregated from the world through autism, but i couldn’t even fit in through autism. I think in a way we all want to fit in, but not just by appearances. I think we want even the most strange and awkward parts of us to fit in one way or another. Some people do this by only sharing their most awkward characteristics with those most close to them and others do it by putting all their strangeness out on the table for everyone to see. I try to hide most of my awkward characteristics so I’ve never really known what was normal and what wasn’t, for both people with autism and people without. Anyway, I have decided to restart this blog because I realized that it doesn’t matter if my experiences with autism are different than anyone else’s experiences. It does matter that I speak out though. I’ve also realized that autism is a bigger part of me than I realized. I’m going to talk about this more in my next post.

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