I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about people with autism having exceptional musical abilities. I looked into this a little bit and found a lot of information about music and autism and the connection between them. Music has been shown to transcend barriers for people with autism. Some people that cannot talk still have the ability to sing and music may be processed more quickly than other things for those with autism. There is also some evidence that music might help in therapy.

As for me personally, I love music. I can’t say that I am exceptionally talented in music and as a child I had a hard time reading sheet music when it became associated with letters. When the keys were numbered in the book, I didn’t have a problem learning and playing them. However, once I learned enough to start reading the notes I just got frustrated and could not process the association. I eventually gave up on playing the piano because of that. I still love music though. I sing in the shower and in my room, usually by myself since music is very personal to me and I am uncomfortable with sharing it with others most of the time. I have also written a few songs both verbally and on paper. I don’t know if music has helped me with my development, but my family is very musical. We all either sing, play an instrument, or just love great music. Music has a very calming effect on me and I notice that when I sing often I am happier and less irritable. Music may or may not help with my autism, but it is something that I wouldn’t want to go a day without.


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