I have often said that I am a simple person. Some people may disagree with that statement, but I feel it to be the core of who I am. I may sometimes seem complicated or hard to understand, but the reasons behind my actions are usually incredibly simple. I don’t know if my simpleness stems from autism or simply from my personality, but I guess you can decide what you think about it.

So, how am I simple?

1. I have simple pleasures.

  • I like soft things. I like the feel of a fluffy blanket after a rough day. I like hugging a teddy bear or a pillow. I like running my fingers through the soft fibers of things around me.
  • I like food (most of the time). I like the feeling of chewing. I like the sensations of sweetness and crunchiness. I like the smell of my favorite meals or the ripeness of a beautiful fruit.
  • I like beautiful things. I like watching the sunset or picking shapes out of clouds or examining the flight path of a bird. I like seeing the budding of a flower or noticing the patterns in my skin.
  • I like being alive. I like the feeling of relaxing and breathing deeply. I like hearing the beating of my heart or feeling the flow of blood in my veins. I like feeling the movement of my legs pumping as I run or the bounce in my stride when I walk.

2. I’m not really a deep person. I just see things in the world around me that others may not notice.

  • I notice the beauty of nature and comment on how it reminds me that God is the greatest artist to ever live.
  • I notice connections between shapes and patterns and facts of life.
  • I understand the pain and the hurt and emotions of others because I recognize them from having those feelings myself.

3. I’m straightforward and simple in how I say things.

  • I write my insights in a simple way and my poetry is straightforward and easy to understand.
  • I’m not good at being abstract and I tend to answer questions directly rather than jumping around the topic.
  • I’m not good at telling white lies and generally tell people what I really think when they ask me something.

4. I simply express my emotions.

  • When I’m sad, I don’t pretend to be happy. I may not want people to know I’m sad but I don’t pretend to be something I’m not.
  • When I’m frustrated, it’s pretty obvious that I’m having a rough time.
  • When I’m happy, I can’t help smiling and laughing.

5. I’m still a kid at heart.

  • I still like to play and have fun.
  • I like listening and singing to children’s songs and and watching animated movies.
  • I like spending time with my family and friends as often as possible.


I don’t know if me being simple is a good thing or not, but I like being simple. I think I’m a pretty easy person to read and I wish I could read others more easily so I could understand them better. Maybe if we were all simple people we could understand each other more and be more accepting of differences. I think sometimes people may get frustrated with my straightforwardness or that I show my frustrations with meaningless things, but it’s who I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


4 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Interesting. I think you’re a modest person who carries a self-image of simple and sweet. which is a great humble attitude. Noticing nature, and appreciating God’s artistic creation, finding connections between shapes and patterns and facts of life.. I don’t think people with shallow thinking or ones who are lost in mundane routine do that.


    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I think sometimes people try too hard to find happiness when there are joys in the simple things all around us. I generally don’t think too much about the meanings behind everything, I just enjoy the beauty of it and let myself be free to do nothing but live sometimes.


  2. What you just said is another way of living a life – Keeping things simple, Expressing Gratitude, and taking things as they are. I wish I could do that too 😀 Being a student of philosophy, I seek answers. why I am happy? what made us happy? Why I suffered that? What made it to happen the way it is? and so forth hehe, but i don’t complaint we all are different and that’s the beauty of life.


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