A Hero Still

I know that loads of people are writing about Robin Williams and I hate to be one of the crowd, but I just have to say something about his death.

Robin Williams was my hero. He wasn’t an actor for me, he was a person. He wasn’t a comedian to me, he was a father figure.

This blog is about autism, but it is also my journey to find myself and who I am and where I fit in the world. Robin Williams is the symbol of that for me. His life was the quest to find himself. I don’t know if he did find himself or not, but the journey is the part that matters to me. His journey gave me hope when I was the lonely, depressed kid.

And even though his journey may not have a happy ending, it still gives me hope because it shows that he didn’t have all the answers. It shows that he still struggled and so it is okay for me to still struggle. And through his death, I hope others will find the hope to keep struggling. The suicide of a hero doesn’t mean we have to lose all hope for ourselves. It means we can hope and take solace in the idea that even the great struggle. We aren’t alone in our brokenness.

So Robin Williams is still my hero. Maybe it’s my autistic side, but I’m not really sad that he died because to me he isn’t dead and will never be dead because his hope still lives in me and I will pass on that hope to everyone around me. I love you, Robin Williams.

8 thoughts on “A Hero Still

  1. I appreciated what you had to say on this Julia. Robin Williams’s illness and death has really affected people, for some it has hit very hard. It was so unexpected, and to think there was so much pain beneath all the laughter.
    People are looking within themselves, something that is so important to do.
    Thank you for the follow. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. 🙂


  2. As you probably already know, I blogged about his death, too. I suffer from depression and his life-long struggle touched me and my life. His ability to bring so much joy to the world, in spite of his personal struggles was amazing to me. My heart goes out to all those whom he touched with his light.

    Like you, I don’t think his death diminishes his life. He was 63. To fight that long….it gives me hope in my own darkness.

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