Although this blog is mostly about my experiences with autism, I decided to take a break from autism this week and talk about something else. The death of one of my favorite people to ever live has prompted me to make myself seem a little more human. There’s so much more to us than what the world sees and I think it’s important to share as much of myself as possible. This blog is to help people understand me and those that may share similar traits and behavior so here’s a little different side of me.

On this blog, my life is all about autism. I have two other blogs though that show a little bit more about my life. I have a poetry blog where I write poems about everything from autism to depression to religion to the world. I also have a religious blog where I post some of my insights into different spiritual topics. I’m also thinking about creating another blog soon to post a photography series and some observations about the world.

So, who am I when I’m not blogging? I am an aunt, a missionary, a sister, a daughter, a lifelong learner, a swimmer and soccer player, a Veggietales fanatic, and in general a pretty simple person who loves being alive despite my struggles with depression and suicidal tendencies.

This little guy is probably my favorite person in the world right now. Plus a few other little ones that own pieces of my heart.

This little guy is probably my favorite person in the world right now. Plus a few other little ones that own pieces of my heart.

What’s blogging like for me? Well, writing is pretty easy. I just write what comes to me as it comes. Sometimes the hardest part is choosing what I want to post and when. I have about 10 posts right now that I’m just waiting for the right time and situation to post. I have been posting on a schedule, but I’ve realized that this isn’t really necessary or beneficial so I will be moving away from that with the coming posts.

If I have followed your blog, you may wonder how I choose blogs to follow.

This is how I choose which blogs to check out:

Picture, Picture, Picture= Like/ Follow

Food, Food, Food= Like, Like, Follow, Follow

Story… Hmm… that seems interesting… wait… so does that one… and that one and that one… ok… well… that one only has 300 words, let’s look at that one… 1000 words… umm… maybe not so much…

Poetry… (I may write poetry, but the truth is that I really don’t like poetry)… is it happy or interesting? Do I have to think to read it? If I don’t have to think, then I’ll probably like or follow it.

Beauty, Politics, News, and pretty much anything serious I generally just skip over.

I mostly just try to stay away from anything negative because if not I have to work really hard to get happy again.

Other than that, I have many interests and follow a variety of blogs about different things. I’ll be honest here and say that I haven’t read a complete post on some of the blogs I’ve followed. It’s not that I don’t want to. I just don’t have time so I follow them in hopes that they’ll post something that catches my eye and I can read it then, if not I can always unfollow the boring blogs later. (If you haven’t noticed, food and nice looking things are the way to my heart.)


Anyway, that’s pretty much who I am and how I run things around here. Any questions, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

(There are links in the post to anything that seems like it should have a link. I’ve decided this makes it more like a scavenger hunt. Sorry they aren’t more noticeable.)

3 thoughts on “Me

  1. Antoinette says:

    You are quite a busy person, quite a bit like me. Other than my blog, I keep up a 365 project and a couple of other blogs in an entirely different genre.

    And like you, I don’t have enough time to read and follow everything I want to. I try, but there’s just not enough time.

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