This world

I always debate on posting some of my poems on this site or on my poetry site. Now that I’ve done away with scheduled posts though, I can just reblog so they’re on both sites. 🙂

Under the Surface Poetry

Sometimes I hate living in this world…

This world where I feel so lonely and yet I can never be alone

This world where I’m constantly told to be different- to be somebody else

This world where I know I will never quite fit in no matter how much I try

This world where I desperately reach and gasp for acceptance, but I’m often left wanting

This world where I want to solve everyone’s problems, but no one seems to want to solve mine

This world where I struggle to be understood when I just can’t explain that I’m different

This world where I fight to be heard but feel my words being buried with the trash

This world where I want to be remembered but seem to be consistently forgotten

This world where I need to be loved, but I find myself lacking basic friendships

This world where I try…

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