Friends of the Homeless

Sorry that I haven’t posted much in a while, but this is all that’s been on my mind lately. Things seem like they might be getting better though so hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Under the Surface Poetry

My best friend is homeless…
My best friend is homeless…
The thought plays over and over.
How could this happen?
What can I do?
Why can’t I be there?

My stomach churns as I eat dinner,
thinking that she may not eat tonight…
My heart aches as I look at my belongings,
considering how she doesn’t even have enough blankets.
My tears flood my pillow when I lie in bed,
as I remember that she has no where to rest…

And then… I get a call that she’s okay tonight,
that she has a hotel room to stay in,
that she was able to eat something for dinner,
that she will be safe for one more day…
And my mind rests for a moment in relief,
And I cry in thanks for that one more day…

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