Back to Normal

Well, things are pretty much back to normal. My friend has been able to get some help so she’s hopefully not going to be homeless anymore, which has definitely helped calm my nerves a lot. And life has more or less returned to the way it was.

In thinking about returning to normal, it occurred to me how abnormal that can seem for most people. I think sometimes people think that having a disorder or being different means that your normal isn’t the same as other people’s normal- that life is an innately different experience because we see the world differently.

The truth is that my normal is probably about the same as your normal (assuming of course that you’re a bachelorette in your 20s). Our differences don’t really make us as different as we sometimes believe. The stage of our lives can lead to more differences than a disorder sometimes. However, the more time I spend with older people, the more I realize how much we have in common. The biggest differences between ourselves and others are the ones that we create by our own perception.

Now I’m not saying that we’re exactly the same or that people with autism are just like everyone else. What I am saying is that no one is like everyone else. We’re all different- autistic or not. We all have our own personalities and likes and dislikes. We all have things that get on our nerves and things that we could do over and over. We’re all just people and normal for me may not be the same as normal for you, but it is normal nonetheless.

And if you’re curious as to what my normal is, it is basically the best life ever. I go to work, spend time with my nieces and nephew, watch movies, hang out with friends, go to church, go shopping, pay bills, exercise sometimes, and pretty much just do whatever makes me happy. Life is an amazing journey and I only hope that your normal is as awesome as mine. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. what is normal? who is normal? neurotypicals seem like aliens to me, have since kindergarten. the neurotypical world seems hostile and menacing on most days.
    but I still live a good life, hanging out with my nieces and spending time with my beloved cat, the only creature who actually understands me and I understand her.
    what is normal? I hear people talking about going to a party, talking to someone on the phone as if these are fun activities. but for me, these are huge challenges, scary, depressing, roots canal without navociane.
    staying home with my cat and talking solitary walks is normal to me. going through life with the minimum amount of human contact is my norm. and for nts that sounds like hell, but for me it’s comfortable.


    • Even for some neurotypicals, parties and such sound like torture. It really depends on your personality. The more I’ve learned about people and their personalities, the more I’ve realized that we’re all normal. Normal life isn’t the same for everyone, but perceptions really are the things that make us seem the most different. We are all normal in our abnormalities because in reality there’s no two people that are exactly the same so our differences are normal.


  2. I enjoy your blog and find it provides me with new insights into the challenges of autism. My grandson has been diagnosed with autism and your blog gives some very valuable information that helps me understand the condition and perhaps deal with him in a more comfortable way for him and me. Thank you.


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