Spiders and our Frail Lives

It’s spider season and Halloween just passed so it is pretty much the perfect time to talk about the eight-legged creatures that so many of us despise.

I really hate spiders, but not for the reason most people do… I hate spiders because I hate killing them. I hate that I feel their life when I kill them. I hate seeing their guts. Spiders don’t scare me or gross me out, but spiders remind me how fragile life is and that’s why I hate them. A spider’s life can end in a fraction of a second and they don’t even know that it’s coming most of the time.

The same is true for us, we just don’t usually realize it. Life isn’t guaranteed. We don’t know how long we have left. We don’t know when our last day will be. So… shouldn’t we live so that if we died today, we’d have nothing to regret?

Some people say that everyone has regrets. I guess it depends on what you think of as regrets, but I have no regrets. I sometimes wish that I could have been a better person sooner, but I would have had no way of becoming a better person without having the experiences where I wish I had been better.

I think that the point of life is to love it. There is so much to love in life, but we miss it if we focus on our pasts. Our pasts are very important, but our present is what’s most important. I hope you all enjoy the present that you’ve been given and maybe next time you kill a spider think about how frail life is and live a little more.

(And this has pretty much nothing to do with autism, but oh well… sometimes you just have to speak what’s on your mind.)


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