Making Mistakes

This week I made a pretty big mistake at work. Mostly it happened because things were busy and more complicated than normal and I was trying to just get things done. Anyway, I was feeling discouraged and I was thinking about what had happened when it dawned on me that this was just a normal mistake. I mean, it was a mistake that anyone could have done. And that realization felt totally awesome.

You see, most of my mistakes have somehow or other stemmed from autism. They either happened because I didn’t have the social skills to handle the situation properly or because I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do or because I didn’t do what I should have due to fear that I wouldn’t have the skills to accomplish it. But this mistake had no connection to autism. Even if I didn’t have autism, I’d probably still have made the mistake.

I’m still not happy that I made the mistake, but I am happy that I can say “I messed up and I’m sorry” without thinking in the back of my mind that if I didn’t have autism this would never have happened.


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