We All Want Love

I love the beginning of the song “Long Time Coming” by Oliver James where it says, “Everybody wants to be loved every once in a while.” It’s true that we all want to feel loved, but we also want to know how much we are loved. Even though most of us know we are loved, many of us don’t know how much we are loved. And usually we think we are loved a lot less than we really are.

I am really horrible at saying “I love you.” Part of it is because of autism and part of it is because my family just isn’t very vocal about that sort of thing. We all love each other, but to show love we’ll usually do something nice for each other rather than say “I love you.” So I never really said “I love you” until a couple years ago. And it was hard for me to get comfortable with saying it out loud.

Because it’s so hard for me to express how I feel about someone, I usually write letters instead. I write letters for pretty much anything. If I’m feeling sad or lonely or depressed or left out or happy or ecstatic or loving or grateful, I usually express it through writing.

I have felt extremely foolish before for my letter writing.When I was in college I would write letters to my roommates all the time. I just couldn’t talk to them because they were at a completely different level than I was and I couldn’t figure out how to connect with them. So I would write notes and put them up hoping they would see them. Communicating like that in a college setting made me feel like less of a person. I felt mediocre for not being able to express myself like everyone else seemed to be able to do.

But other experiences have made me glad that I write letters. Last week I gave a letter to an amazing lady who always comes to the temple where I serve. I didn’t know she needed it, but I knew I could never tell her in person and I wanted her to know how grateful I am for her. Well, I saw her again last night and she just couldn’t stop hugging me. She told me how much she needed that letter and that she read it over and over and would cherish it always.

So my point with all of this is just to let people know how you feel about them. Let them know you are grateful for them and that you love them and that you admire them. It doesn’t matter if you do it in a letter or if you do it in person or over the phone or through social media. Just let them know, because we all want love and we all want to know we are loved.


7 thoughts on “We All Want Love

  1. Beautiful! I love your story about writing the letter to the lady at Temple. It’s easy to forget how those little things can make such a big impact in someone’s life. And the great thing about writing your feelings in letters or cards is they can be kept and treasured and looked back on in the years to come!


    • Yeah, I’m glad that my letters have meant a lot to some people over the years. I have a box of letters at my parents’ house that I used to read anytime I needed some encouragement. It’s nice to have at least a few letters around when you need them.

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