It’s All About Timing

The past few weeks I have had a lot going on and it has been pretty stressful. But the added stress, has reaffirmed to me how important timing is when you have autism. Well, timing is always important, but it can be an especially important factor for someone with autism.

I talked about timing before in a guest post that I did a while back. In that post I emphasized how important timing is in preventing a meltdown. (You can read that post here if you’re interested.) With the stress of the previous week, and the accumulation of stress over the past few months, I have been reminded why timing is so important.

I’ve heard it said that we all have buckets and that when those buckets get too full, we overflow and the result is meltdowns or blow ups. For me, I can tell that my bucket is getting full when things become harder to deal with- when sounds that I can normally ignore feel like jackhammers in a closed room, or when a gentle touch feels like unbearable pressure. I don’t know how most people feel when they get stressed, but for me it’s like all of my senses are magnified and it becomes very hard to deal with sensory input.

However, by taking some time away from everything and refocusing myself, it becomes a lot easier to deal with the world again. It’s all about timing. If I don’t have time to regroup, even simple things can seem like impossible barriers. But if I have the time I need to relax and refocus, I can often handle the more difficult things.
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9 thoughts on “It’s All About Timing

  1. Similarly, the internet itself is an “input overload”… at least in terms of information. I took up astronomy, which… there’s still a fair bit to learn, but it’s so peaceful! I really don’t know why everyone who can see stars at night doesn’t do it. Just you and a serene, silent midnight sky, with little stars and planets. Ancient constellations and nebulae. It’s even not hard to find the International Space Station as the sun sets. (Google NASA’s web site for timing) Anyway, I think it’d be rewarding for you. Definitely something I missed during my time in New York City, but now I’m in the suburbs again.


    • Yeah, I’ve lived in California my whole life so the extent of my star gazing was Orion’s Belt and the Big Dipper. Every once in a while we could see the Little Dipper and Cassiopeia. Now that I’m in Utah though there are so many more stars to see, it’s really amazing and definitely peaceful. 🙂

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  2. Good thoughts there.
    I had a bad meltdown this weekend: we just moved and i had houseguests. With a baby. Who I BABYSAT for, while having a sleepover for my daughter. I was desperate and depressed and had a migraine by Sunday and am still recovering. need to set boundaries!!!!!!!!!


  3. I know how you feel. When I’m hurting (headache, for instance), everything is magnified – I don’t want my sons kisses, or to hear his latest video game adventure, I just want to be left alone! But when I’m not in pain or otherwise overwhelmed, I can handle those things fine, at least on the surface.


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