Picturing People

The other day I was thinking about a friend of mine that I went to help with some cleaning. It was interesting though because this friend is in a wheelchair and has been for as long as I’ve known her, but when I pictured her I didn’t picture her in a wheelchair. In fact, I totally forgot she is in a wheelchair until I was trying to think of why I had helped her clean.

And I just thought… wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone could picture everyone like that all the time? What if we could all just see each other without our disabilities, without seeing what makes us different, and just see what makes us the same? How different would the world be if we could all see how we’re alike instead of how we’re different?

I know it sounds idealist, but if I can forget about someone’s wheelchair, I’m sure people could forget about my autism or depression or other faults. So maybe I don’t have to worry so much about all my differences. Because if I can picture other people without their disabilities, maybe they can picture me without mine.

6 thoughts on “Picturing People

  1. A beautiful thought, but I believe people’s differences are the only things that are interesting. Who cares if you like the same things as I do? Who cares if you come from the same background? Or if you think the same way? It’s the differences that define people. Although I can see where you’re coming from, when certain differences… are disabilities that are pains in the ass. I’m sure your friend in the wheelchair would prefer not being confined to a wheelchair, but that difference is an important part of them. What I think you’re suggesting is… it’s good if you can see past the rather prominent disabilities, and appreciate the other things someone has to offer.


    • Yeah, it’s not that we don’t want to experience differences, it’s just that when people look at or look for the differences that barriers are put up. If people don’t see that they have anything in common with you, they’re not going to want to get to know you no matter how interesting your differences are. But if we could all get past looking at the differences to see the similarities then we can get to the point of valuing the differences.

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