Why I Blog

When you talk so openly about life, it’s hard not to get anxiety every time someone new can see what you post. I debate almost every time on whether or not I should hide things from certain people, but then I remind myself why I’m doing this… because someone needs to.

People don’t talk about problems that they don’t think other people will understand. And so, people continue to not understand because no one talks about it.

Talking so openly about autism and depression and suicide and other important issues goes against human nature. We naturally want people to like us and understand us, and we don’t want to stand out or seem different. If you’re different, it’s harder to make friends. So we all try to be the same, but we are different and the differences are usually what makes the friendships interesting.

Once you get past a certain level of being different though, it’s like a completely different world. I am at that level. And because I am so different, I blog about those differences. By talking about my differences, I feel like I have been able to see that we are more alike than we think we are. So I continue blogging because one day I won’t feel as different as I do now and that will make it all worth it in the end.

20 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Writing and sharing is a great way to feel better because there is always a reader who understands or relates, and even a reader who feels uplifted and inspired. Thank you for blogging!


    • Thanks. The hard part for me isn’t the writing, it’s the sharing. I share all of my blogs with people that I know and talk to in person, which is great for helping people understand… but scary when trying to make friends and feel accepted.

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      • To be honest with you, all my life I had been barely accepted anywhere, and had had just a close group of friends. It sucks when you are young, because the young think it is important for them to be accepted. Just keep sharing your writings and shine as a lovely person you are. People will stick with you because they like your vision and trust you.


  2. Katie Soto says:

    That is truly courageous of you and I am sure your words will bless the lives of many others who are struggling with the same. Honestly, you do not seem very different at all to me!! I was completely unaware that you had autism and I’ve never thought of differences as a negative thing, but I am also sure that autism brings more challenges than are apparent. I hope you know how much you are loved!!


    • Thanks! I think part of the reason why I blog is because I don’t seem that different, but I feel very different at times. In the end, I’m probably not as different as I feel though and maybe by sharing how I feel, I’ll be able to see more of how we’re all alike.


    • It’s a lot harder to share with people you know than with people you don’t. I never used to share any of this stuff with my family until I started blogging. Now they have some insight into how I feel, but there’s a lot that I’m still trying to put into words.


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