Health Habits

About two months ago, I posted some goals I was going to try to follow to improve my emotional health. Although these goals were physical goals, I knew that my emotional health was being affected by my physical health. If you want to see that post, click here.

It’s now time to share some thoughts on how my goals have gone so far.

The first thing I should mention is that I haven’t done everything every day, but I do something every day. And it makes a difference. In fact, the more I do, the bigger difference I see.

When I eat right and get enough sleep and drink enough water and exercise, I feel a hundred times better than when I do none of those things. And when I do a couple of those things, I feel ten times better than when I do none of those things. So it does make a difference and it has made a difference.

I’m still not great at keeping all my goals and I can feel myself slipping more easily into depression when I don’t keep my goals, but I am starting to develop healthy habits and I am excited for the difference it is making in my life.

Comments? I'd love to hear them!

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