The Offering

Sometimes you don’t have to actually do anything to make a difference. Sometimes you just have to offer.

Today is National Suicide Prevention Day. Preventing suicide though isn’t really a one day thing. It’s not something you just do and then be done with. It is a daily effort. I have helped prevent a lot of suicides or suicide attempts over the years, but it’s my own suicide attempts that are what I celebrate today. Not the attempts I made, but the ones I didn’t do.

Today I celebrate you. All of you and everyone that has kept me from giving in or giving up. I celebrate life that wasn’t lost, moments that weren’t spent in hospital rooms, broken nights that were still laced with a glimmer of hope.

Suicide Prevention Day to me isn’t so much about the life not lost, but about the life gained. Yes, I didn’t die. But that’s not the beautiful part. The beautiful part is that I lived and am living and will continue to live.

What does all of this have to do with offering? Well… It’s not over. The night isn’t over yet. The darkness has not dispersed yet. My demons still come at times. But what you can do is offer. You can offer to be there. You can offer to help, me or someone else.

Today someone offered me something I never thought would be available. I don’t need it right now, but the simple offer made me stop  and think for just a moment.

The offer you make may be as small as a smile. A smile that implies offering friendship. It may not become any more than just an offer, but it could make someone stop and think and that could save a life.


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