Success is Trying

Sometimes success is simply still trying when everything inside is telling you not to.

My church group had a color games activity tonight. I couldn’t bring myself to participate. Having colored chalk thrown on me and rubbed into my clothes seemed more like cruel and unusual punishment than like a fun filled night. Not to mention the cloud of depression that seemed to hang over me since I left work.

But… I realized I had two choices, go to the activity and look awkward for not participating or stay home and be depressed. I chose to go. It’s a small step, a gentle nudge in the right direction. But it’s what I can do right now.

Right now I can’t participate in every activity. I can’t make all the friends I want or talk to all the people I would like to, but I can go. I can go to activities even though I may look awkward. I can attend church and conferences even though I might cry in my car afterwards.

And I can celebrate that I am going. Even if I have a horrible time, I can celebrate that I tried. And right now, that is enough.


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