Buying Love

In the past two years, I have bought over 250 movies, 50 games, and 100 cds. From the outside it may seem like I have a spending problem and even I myself would wonder why I wanted to buy all this stuff.

I’m not a stuff kind of person. In fact, prior to the last 3 years, I never spent any money on things I wanted. I would only spend money on food and necessities. So a sudden surge of shopping habits did not seem to make sense… until… I thought about what I was buying.

What I have realized is that I do not buy any of this stuff for me. I buy it because it might give me a connection to other people. In my family and most families, there are a few things that bring everyone together. While growing up these things were games, movies, food, gifts and music.

So… That’s what I shop for. I buy all of these things because I crave what has historically come with them for me. I crave the love and family and happiness and friendship and interaction that these things brought to me.

Don’t worry though, I won’t become a hoarder. See, I’m not connected to anything I buy. In fact, I couldn’t care less about them. I mean, sure I’d be a little sad if they were all destroyed in a fire, but even that would be okay because it’s not the stuff that matters to me.

I only buy stuff because I want other people to enjoy it with me. There are a few things I buy for myself to improve myself and learn something, but mostly I’m just trying to buy love. I know money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy stuff that facilitates interaction and community, which can help me be happier… So that’s almost the same thing, right?


8 thoughts on “Buying Love

    • We have Netflix too. But there’s lots of things you can’t get on Netflix. I guess for me I just like having the physical thing because then it seems more concrete, like connections are more likely to happen because I can hold something that can facilitate that connection. It’s all in my mind, but it makes me feel better in some small way.

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