Drink Quickly

“Cup your hands and drink quickly.”

That’s the advice my therapist gave me last week. Sometimes happiness is fleeting. It seems to slip through our fingers like water. But if we want to drink it, we have to do our best to hold onto it.

Depression is an ongoing thing for me. I go through periods of depression that last from a few hours to a few weeks or even months. Sometimes those weeks and months string together over years so that small respites of days or hours are gulped down like chugging water after making it through the desert.

Unfortunately, chugging happiness doesn’t exactly fill your needs every time. But it helps. It helps you get to the next respite, which helps you to the next one and so forth. My life has been a series of chugging happiness to make it through the next desert.

I feel very fortunate to be going through the current desert of difficult circumstances after having spent a good year or so in an oasis of plentiful water. I remember telling my sister how happy I was and that I just wish everyone could feel that way. I couldn’t get through saying that without crying because it was such an amazing feeling of pure happiness and joy.

Right now is a respite from the last few weeks/ months of depression. I don’t know how long it will last, but I plan to cup my hands and drink quickly while I can.

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