Have You Eaten Yet?

I’m heading up to lunch. It’s a typical day in the office and I order my usual in the cafeteria. While I wait for my food to be prepared, I text my friend with a question. “Have you eaten yet today?” It’s not the typical question you think of asking a friend, but for this friend, it’s not uncommon.

Yesterday, my friend divulged that her fridge was empty, her cupboards bare, and she probably wouldn’t have enough to pay her bills this month. It’s not an uncommon problem in America or the world. There are a lot of people struggling from paycheck to paycheck or from lack of a paycheck altogether.

Still, when it’s your best friend that it happens to, you wonder how many others are struggling. I can’t help everyone, but I can help her. I just wonder how many people don’t have a friend that will help.

I’ve always been skeptical of giving money to people on the streets because there’s too many horror stories of people abusing the system. But what can you and I do for the people that really do need the help? My work is directly involved in giving food and clothing to people who need it. It’s what I do every day. And I am so grateful to be part of it. It gives me hope for the world and helps me deal with the stress over my friend’s situation.

I started a gofundme campaign. If you would like to help my best friend to have food and keep her apartment, please consider donating here. I wouldn’t normally do this, but my best friend has saved my life so many times and I need her. If you enjoy reading my posts, this is a way you can help me in return and help others as well.


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