Machine Code

I started taking some programming classes, and one of the things I learned is that all computers only understand one language- machine code. Most programmers do not use or know machine code because the programming languages have been adapted to make it faster and easier to communicate with the computer.

I have been thinking about this in the way I communicate. I tend to give facts and say things without much emotion. Like machine code, it’s probably pretty frustrating and uninteresting to communicate at this level. So I have to find some way to adapt that for easier, better communication.

I do switch over at some point in the conversation, but maybe that’s why I don’t make friends very easily. Most people don’t stick around long enough for that switch.

So I’m going to attempt to be more interactive and easier to understand in my communication. It will probably make interaction more exhausting, but if it means more connection with others, it will be worth it.


Comments? I'd love to hear them!

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