I am constantly amazed by the people who become my friends. This last week I was feeling discouraged by the reckless driving around me and was thinking it would be nice to have someone to go to for comfort. As I thought about it a few friends came to mind that I could indeed turn to in that situation. It’s an amazing feeling to know you’re not alone or at least that you don’t have to be.

I have an incredible best friend who has helped me to see myself as I really am or could be. When I saw myself as broken and unlovable, she held up a mirror that showed me how amazing I am. I don’t mean that in a cocky or arrogant way, but she helped me find the beauty and value in myself so that I could feel self confident without worrying about being prideful. I love her even more because she showed me how to love me.

In addition to my best friend, I have had people come in and out of my life that have blown me away with how genuinely kind, caring, and overall amazing they are. I wish I could write out each of their names and how much they’ve helped me so that everyone could see how amazing they are, but I know how amazing they are and hopefully they do too.

The things that I remember the most are the little things. When someone noticed that I was depressed and asked what they could do to help, and when I said nothing, they gave me a hug instead. When someone stopped me in the hallway and told me they appreciated something I shared in class.When someone chose to sit next to me instead of their usual group of friends.

These are the little things I remember. I remember the big things too, but it’s the little things that keep me going everyday. And I am so grateful for the friends and people who have been there for me throughout the years. In big and small ways, they have made me who I am.


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