Autism and Anxiety

I went to an activity tonight where we talked about anxiety. The presenter asked if anyone had anything to share about depression, anxiety, etc. Everyone was quiet. So she asked me. I was a little nervous to share out loud about what I go through, but I figured “hey, I blog. This isn’t that different.” So I shared with my church group about my mental health issues.Β It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be and it opened up the floor for others to share hard things.

The remainder of the discussion was about anxiety. It was interesting to me to note that I really don’t struggle with general anxiety. In fact, I am one of the least anxious people I know when it comes to life. I really don’t worry very much. However, I do worry more than the average person about social situations because I often don’t know how to conduct myself in those situations. Β I worry more than the average person about keeping on good terms with friends because I have been teased and bullied most of my life. Β I worry more than the average person about my actions because I know what it’s like to be stared at for being yourself.

Thankfully, therapy has helped with much of the anxiety I have felt from experiences I have had. I read an article about why people with autism tend to be more anxious, which basically said it’s because we have more to be anxious about. I am constantly in pain and discomfort. I am constantly put in situations that are not natural to me. I am constantly trying to figure out and analyze the world and my surroundings. So, yes, this makes me more anxious. But no, I don’t have a problem with anxiety. I worry less than others in some things and more than others in other things.

It’s just life. We’re all different and we all have different struggles. I struggle with autism, depression, GERD, gender identity, and probably a few other things. I know that some people with autism do have anxiety disorders. Some people without autism struggle with social anxiety. We all have something to deal with. My philosophy is just accept what you can’t change, change what you need to change, and don’t stress about how long it takes to do either one.


10 thoughts on “Autism and Anxiety

    • Great to read something like this. I have 2 sons with Autism and I struggle to understand so many of their feelings and thoughts. Your blog helps give some insight into what they might be feeling. Keep the blogs coming – great job!

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      • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Autism isn’t something I know much about. I know there are many in the WP community are interested. I will continue posting. We can all help each other.
        I look forward to talking with you again. Another great source I use in You can pick your topic and someone or several will have a story to tell. You might find great info there.


      • One of the greatest things happens when you blog about what you and your children challenges, you find friends who are in similar or the same issue. You find someone you can let some steam, ask questions, the WP community will put their arms around you and you’ll have a big network in time. The other help I forget about is the search button. There are groups who gather just to talk about a certain issue. I pray you are blessed with a circle to support you and share what they know.
        I’m a co-founder of the site, under the tab saying Resources, I have a good list of resources , yet have not put web addresses yet. I’m sure they would be easy to find. You might want to take a look.
        Have a great weekend.


    • Yeah, in a culture where we tend to beat ourselves up for making mistakes, it’s hard to accept that it takes time to change. But life is a growth process. If we keep measuring the middle as if it’s the final result, we’ll never be good enough for the now.
      Be kind to yourself. Life is too short to dislike the person you spend the most time with- yourself.


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