Connecting the Heart

Sometimes I forget why I write. I mean, I write for a lot of reasons, but I forget the most important ones. Then I take a few minutes to read other people’s posts about suicide, depression, not fitting in or being different, and I remember… I write because my heart connects. My heart connects with the hard things. My heart connects with the suicidal thoughts, depression, fear, loss, identity questions or struggles. My heart connects with the feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, fear. And I write because I want your heart to connect too, and maybe then we can be broken together.

9 thoughts on “Connecting the Heart

  1. technicolourbrain says:

    Beautiful Words. That’s why I originally started writing but remember, you don’t have to stay broken. You have the power to give people a light through your writing. You have to power to inspire them to find a way out of their darkness. Let’s not spread the darkness. Be a role model for every person with Aspergers/Autism who reads your blog.


    • There are some things that just don’t go away. To me being broken isn’t a bad thing; it’s just a stepping stone to better things. If it wasn’t for my brokenness, I would never have learned compassion, empathy, perseverance, and so many other things. I’m not always broken, but the darkness and brokenness doesn’t go away for me. It just takes a break and returns. But it’s not a bad thing; it’s just life. And it helps me understand the darkness of others so that I can spread light.

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