Thank You to My Sister

Dear Cindy,

Thank you for being my sister. Thank you for the long nights where we stayed up talking long after the lights were out. Those nights kept me alive. I don’t think you knew or realized the extent of my loneliness, but I was always less lonely with you.

Thank you for letting me go with you to your friends’ houses. Most people would probably be annoyed that their little sister was always coming along, but even if you did get annoyed, I felt loved and accepted by you and your friends. I know I wasn’t always the most fun person to be around at our sleepovers, but I always had fun.

Thank you for being real with me. Over the last few years, I have been trying to understand myself. I have struggled and broken at times and I know it gets frustrating, but I’m so grateful for the times you’ve broken down with me. I’m grateful that you don’t let me go through it alone or let me close into myself. It’s probably hard to be my sister because there’s many things I can’t explain so you would understand, but thanks for being there for me anyway.

Thank you for making me part of your family. I always feel at home when I’m with you. Thank you for always standing up for me and loving me and allowing me to be myself. No matter who we are with, you always make me feel like I belong.

I am so grateful for all you have taught me. I have learned so much from being your sister and your friend. I would not be who I am today without you. I would not be as understanding or patient or kind without you. I would not be as good of a person without you.

Thank you for your example, your spirit, your love. I am so grateful to call you my sister, and I am glad we’re not just sisters but best friends.


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