Thank you to my brother, Glen

Since last night was Halloween, I decided to forgo posting last night and just post the letters to my two brothers today.

Dear Glen,

Thank you for being a good example to me and all of our family. I don’t know if you felt the responsibility of being the oldest or if you are just a naturally responsible person, but we knew we could count on you. We all looked up to you and in one way or another, wanted to be like you.

I remember you going around the house memorizing speeches or talking about your goals for life. It helped me think about my own goals and not be afraid to talk about them. Thank you for sharing your dreams and the things that are important to you.

I remember when you came home after your injury on your mission. It was like realizing for the first time that you were human. Thank you for being my human superhero. We’re very different, but now that we have similar digestive problems, it’s like sharing a weakness with superman, which is pretty cool.

Thank you for always being you no matter what. Thank you for your perseverance and determination. Thank you for your success and aspirations. Thank you for always striving to reach higher, do more, and be better.

Thank you for being the kind of big brother that I can look up to and try to be like.


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