Thank you to my brother, Greg

Dear Greg,

We’ve been through a lot together. Ever since we were kids, we knew the darkness more than our other siblings. It connected us. We could talk about things other people didn’t understand because we understood each other. When we went through hard things, we could talk about it. I’m grateful it’s still like that sometimes.

Thanks for being someone who understands. Thanks for sharing with me the things that are important to you and that you get excited about. Thanks for introducing me to random music I would never listen to on my own. Thanks for the late nights of talking when I know I should get to bed. Thanks for checking on me to make sure I’m okay when you realize something is wrong. Thanks for the times you’ve defended me and stood up for me. Thanks for the laughs and the tears that all brought us closer together.

You are my little brother by birth, but my big brother in everything else. Big in spirit, height, talent, love, emotion, abilities, dreams, and more. I love you and I’m glad I have you as a brother. Thank you for being my brother.


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