Grateful for Health

I haven’t been able to eat much for the last few days. Even things that I would normally consider safe foods have been bothering me. But I am super grateful because I know it won’t last forever and if GERD is my biggest health issue, I’m doing pretty good.

Some people would say to be grateful you don’t have cancer or a heart condition, etc. I don’t really believe in that kind of gratitude. I think that it devalues a person’s suffering and hypersensitizes some issues while disregarding others. Instead, I like to focus on what I do have.

I am grateful for my health. I am grateful that I can get out of bed in the morning, make it through the day, and then get back in bed at night. I am grateful that I can usually eat and enjoy most foods with a bearable amount of discomfort. I am grateful that I can run and jump and swim and exercise, even though I don’t do those things nearly as often as I would like. I am grateful to be able to see doctors when I need them, take medicine to help me feel better, and have effective ways to prevent illness and stay healthy.

I am grateful to be alive, coherent, functioning, and in overall good health. I know health comes and goes sometimes, so I will be as grateful as I can be while it lasts.


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