Grateful for Perseverance

You learn to do hard things by doing hard things over and over again.

Life is really hard. There are so many uncertainties and doubts, struggles and weaknesses. It’s hard to convince yourself to even try sometimes. Usually I find myself trying to convince myself not to try. But I am so grateful for perseverance.

I am grateful for the opportunity to do hard things, and to do them over and over until they become slightly easier. It doesn’t happen overnight. Things usually stay hard for a long time, but when you choose not to convince yourself to quit or back out or never try, things eventually get easier.

Lately I have been trying to not hold myself back as much. I used to convince myself that no one wanted to hear from me, that I wouldn’t be missed, that no one wanted me around anyway. It was hard to contribute anything because I could never tell if it was beneficial. I would assume the worst because I didn’t get any feedback otherwise.

It is so easy to disappear in this world. It is easy to shut yourself off from the world, to keep thoughts to yourself, to refrain from participating in anything. It’s hard to choose to give that up. I am grateful that I have though.

I am grateful that I decided to live a harder life so that eventually it could become easier. I am grateful for the ability to persevere, for the motivation to persevere, and for the support that makes perseverance easier. I am slowly becoming a better person, step by step, every day. And it is through the power of perseverance.


3 thoughts on “Grateful for Perseverance

  1. Sharli Cartwirght says:

    You have had a load of trials that most will never experience or even understand, but you nailed it: persevere. I am reminded of the article of you and the few other outstanding students featured in the OC Magazine, when you graduated from High School with highest honors. I used the section about you on many occasions to inspire my students and assure their parents that despite academic, emotional, social, or medical trials, success was available. You faced your challenges head-on even at that young age. I recall you stating that because you had difficulty with social interactions, you joined every club available. Your life has been an inspiration to my students, their parents, my own children and of course to me. I understand challenges in ways that are not as evident as yours but certainly as real. At age 70, I can testify without reservation that perseverance is so worth the pain and effort. You will no doubt never know the ripple affect of influence you have had on countless people, but you will know the joy of looking back to thank your young self for the hard work that created satisfaction in a life lived with courage, bravery and integrity. Bless you Julia.


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