Grateful for Texting

Sometimes I find that I cannot speak. I don’t have the words to express myself. It comes out in stuttered short phrases that don’t explain how I really feel. I feel lost, hopeless, and broken.

But with texting I can gain my voice. I can tell you why I’m hurting, and how you can help. I can explain how I feel accurately. I can be honest without feeling pressured.

Life is hard. Socializing is hard. Expressing myself the way you do is hard. I can’t say it. I can’t speak it. I can’t form it into words. But I can write it.

I am so grateful for texting. I am grateful for alternative forms of communication. Without texting, without letters, without writing, I would still be voiceless. Yes, I would be able to speak, but I would have so much trapped inside of me.


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