Grateful for GERD

I realized this morning that I forgot to do a gratitude post last night. So I will try to post two gratitude posts today.

I have gastroesophageal reflux disease, aka GERD. Basically what this means is that my stomach isn’t great at keeping food where it should be. Usually this isn’t really a problem. I have some discomfort from eating food, but it is something I have grown accustomed to and I adjust my food habits accordingly. Occasionally, usually due to stress and less than healthy eating habits, GERD does become an issue and I have to take a step back from normal life to address it. This has been the case over the past month or so.

But I am grateful for GERD because it makes me take a step back from normal everyday life and reevaluate how I conduct myself. It makes me really consider what I want and what I need. GERD forces me to determine what is essential and to cling to those essential things, while getting rid of what is not essential. I am grateful for this need to evaluate. I am grateful for the opportunity to not have everything I want all the time because it makes me appreciate when I can have what I want.

Some people have asked me if it’s hard to have GERD or if I get distressed because I’m in constant pain or if I’m sad that I can’t eat certain things, but I really am okay with it. GERD is one of my least debilitating problems, and the benefits of it outweigh the costs in my opinion. I am probably healthier, more self reflective and more grateful because I have GERD, which makes it all worth it.


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