Grateful to Help Give Hope

Sometimes I feel so hopeless. I find myself sinking in deep despair, afraid to try to change things because I don’t believe it’s possible. But then, there are the days when I am okay, and the darkness is dispersed, and I can breathe. These are the days where I can give hope.

I need hope. I need to give it. I need to feel it. I need to believe in it. Some days I feel too tired to give hope. I may give hope anyway, but it’s out of perseverance more than personality. When I do feel hopeful though, I run around like the Easter bunny spreading colored eggs. I want to give as much hope as possible, usually while remaining as unseen as possible.

Sometimes though, you must give hope with your story; so you can’t remain anonymous. Last night I went around spreading hope. This time, I put my name on it. Not because I want credit, but because they needed to know that a real person cared, a person with a name and a face and a reason.

Sometimes when I do something nice for someone, I want that to be faceless. I want that person to feel like the whole world loves them, not just one small singular person. But when you spread hope, you have to listen to your feelings. This time I had the feeling that these people didn’t need to know that someone cared. They needed to know that I cared.

I don’t know where I’m going with this other than just to say, spread hope. You never know who will need it or how much they need it. Whether you do it anonymously or let someone know that you specifically care, it will make you thankful and make them thankful. And let’s face it, we could all use more hope and gratitude in our lives.


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