Holiday Meltdowns

I love the holidays and spending time with my family, but sometimes holidays bring out the worst in me. Holidays are the perfect storm for a sensory overload. There’s an extraordinary amount of people around, which means more noise, messiness, and general sensory experiences.

Everyday noise is usually manageable because I have learned to cope with it. Sometimes it becomes stressful and I need to be alone for a while, but usually I can handle life pretty well despite all the noise. During the holidays though, I feel stressed all the time. There’s noise and people and lights and something going on all the time. I feel like I’m in a tornado of constant motion and the noise swirls around me suffocating me, agitating like a blender grinding ice.

This constant commotion of emotions and sensory overload has led to some meltdowns this holiday season. Unfortunately, my family has been the recipient of my inability to handle everything. Luckily, I have been better this year than in the past. Still, I have been frustrated by my meltdowns or explosions of emotions.

I just hope that people are understanding. I hope that if you have a family member or friend with autism or sensory issues, that you understand that the holidays are harder for us. We try to participate and be kind and hold ourselves together, but if we break or snap, please understand that it’s not you. I promise we’re trying. I promise I’m trying. It’s just a lot to handle with so much going on.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Meltdowns

  1. Your strength really shows!! I don’t have struggles with sensory overload and holidays but I’m very understanding even though I don’t know exactly what it’s like to have to endure that. I wish more people would try to be more compassionate for and understanding of people with certain struggles. We don’t have to experience something our own selves to have empathy for others. I’m naturally very empathetic but my struggle with depression and chronic physical pain deepens my empathy. Also, your compassion shows too; it’s great how you think of so many others and I hope you will also include yourself in your compassion. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Along with helping yourself, it also helps empower others and helps those without your struggles to better understand. ❀

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    • Thanks. I will admit that I am not a very compassionate or empathetic person by nature, but my struggles have definitely made me a lot more understanding. I’m definitely learning to be more compassionate towards myself too. πŸ™‚

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