5 Fears of Depression and Anxiety

  1. That my “I’m okay” will turn into finding myself on the floor fighting the demons
  2. Being alone because I might not be enough to fight the demons
  3. Asking to spend time with others even when they offer
  4. Not being good enough
  5. Not being able to hold back the dark

What are your fears?


6 thoughts on “5 Fears of Depression and Anxiety

  1. I love your honesty & openness. It’s a great strength to have. Sometimes I fear being physically alone too or the thought of everyone I know turning away. It’s not likely but sometimes it’s a scary thought. I used to be fearful of asking people to hang out, even if they asked first sometimes but I’m much better with that. I used to sometimes think people would think I was weird asking. But I know now that’s generally not true. Sometimes when I’m depressed or having a severe headache I fear it will never end and that no one will ever understand or it won’t matter if anyone does. I have also struggled with feelings of worthlessness and not being good enough for anyone or anything. Sometimes I still do. Sometimes when I’m depressed I feel like everyone is mocking me and it’s a scary experience. It’s great that you create a safe space here to share with others. ~Hugs & love~ ❤

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    • Thanks and thanks for sharing!

      I think with asking people to hang out, the actual asking is the scariest for me. I worry that I won’t use the right words and it will be misunderstood. I worry that in asking I will be asserting a closeness of relationship that the other person doesn’t want. I worry that because I ask, people expect it to happen or go well, and when it fails or disappoints I’ll have no adequate response. I worry that by asking I’m committing myself to something that could become more than I know how to handle.

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  2. A says:

    Thanks for your post. I worry about your 4th point a lot, inadequacy, in almost every aspect in my life. Somewhere in there I know I am more than enough, but the anxiety sometimes speaks louder than my confidence. I also feel like the dark might win sometimes, it’s a never ending battle. I live for the days of light.


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