Everyone is Busy

Everyone is busy. Everyone feels sad or alone or overwhelmed sometimes. Everyone is living a hard life; no matter how easy it may seem on the outside, we all have our inner demons, our unseen struggles.

I tell myself that often. When I feel sad and alone and would just like a hug, I remind myself that sometimes I just have to be lonely because everyone has their own life to deal with. When I go out with a stack of candies or a bouquet of flowers to drop off at people’s houses, I remind myself that everyone needs something to help them be a little happier. When I write someone a letter or note or give them a compliment, I remind myself that everyone could think more positively about themselves, that everyone needs more positive thoughts to remember. When I sit next to someone sitting alone, I remind myself that everyone feels alone sometimes.

Life is hard. Doing things to make the world a better place is hard. Reaching out to others is hard. But I keep reminding myself that everyone feels that way. Everyone feels too busy to help someone else. So I must make the conscious effort to not be too busy.

Everyone is busy. Everyone is hurting. Everyone is facing their own demons. I understand. But if you find a little time, if you can spare a moment away from Facebook or studying or cleaning or watching shows (or even while watching a show), try to not be too busy to do something kind. Try to not be too busy to make someone’s day better. Try not to be too busy to love someone. We are all busy, but we could all use the extra kindness as well.


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