The God Connection

God isn’t just my father. Jesus Christ isn’t just my brother. They are my best friends. They know the good I’ve done and the not so good. They know how much I beat myself up for my mistakes and how much I crave to feel loved and like I belong. They see it all and they love it all. They have held me on broken nights when all I wanted was to die so I could be with them again. They have shown me they loved me, but that they want me to stay in this world until my time is done.

People usually struggle with faith. They struggle with doubts that God is really real and if he really is there for them and loves them. I struggle with the opposite. I struggle with knowing how much God loves me. I struggle with feeling a connection to him so strong that I constantly want to die. I struggle with wanting to be with him so much that this world seems to lose all color and beauty because I forget to see him in it. I don’t struggle to know God exists. He has been the most real thing in my life. Night after lonely night, I would pray to a God I not only knew was listening, but I knew loved me. God has always been and will always be my best friend.

Sometimes I ask God how much longer. I ask him how much more I will need to endure. This world holds no beauty for me without God in it. If I didn’t see God in the world around me, if I didn’t see him in the people who love me, I don’t know if I would ever feel light or at home. I feel at home when I feel God’s presence surrounding me, when I feel his love through other people. I see beauty in the world around me because I see God in it. I see his hand, his love, his creativity.

I know God. I know God so well that I want to die to be with him. I talk to him like I would talk to my best friend. I tell him how I feel and how sad I am and how grateful I am and how happy I am. I tell him about my friends and my worries for them and my love for them. I tell him how much I miss him and how hard, yet beautiful life is. I talk with God and I sing to God and sometimes when I lie in bed, he feels so close that I’m pretty sure he holds me so I can fall asleep.

Maybe this all seems strange. This relationship to someone or something you can’t see doesn’t make sense to you. But this world doesn’t make sense to me. This love people have for money or power, the way people can hurt others, the things people say and do to each other, doesn’t make sense to me. God makes sense. We don’t feel pain because he’s not there. We feel pain because he’s not here, because we’re not there. This world is broken. It’s flawed and imperfect. God is the only one that can change that. He’s the only one that can make it right. I hold onto him. I cling to him. I love him. I know he holds me when I’m hurt and cries with me when I break and loves me at all times.

I don’t know what it’s like to struggle to have faith in God because God is the only thing that has felt stable in my life. But I do know what it’s like to struggle. I struggle to have faith in this world. I struggle to have faith that things will get better. I struggle to believe that people love me, that I do good things, that I have worth in this world. I struggle to fit into a world where I feel like I can never belong.

Maybe you struggle to believe in God, maybe he seems far away and distant, maybe his love seems difficult or out of reach, but I want you to know that he loves you as much as he loves me. I may feel him more because I have an undeniable connection to him, but I know he loves you too. Believe in God. Hold on to hope. He is there. He does love you. “Things will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.”

4 thoughts on “The God Connection

  1. I hope you are doing well; I’m just stopping by to let you know I’m thinking of you. ❤ I love your openness on here and how your posts are often so honest and raw. It's not often I see that. So many are so careful about what they reveal about themselves. But I love to meet people like you and me who share without holding back not only for our own selves but to help others.
    I really hope you will hold on and stay alive. One day we will all be dead permanently anyway; our mortality is not going anywhere.
    But this life isn't forever. It's hard to think that way when we're suicidal though. To a suicidal mind, as you know, the end can't come soon enough and life seems so long it may as well be forever.
    I hope you will choose to keep summoning the presence of your God who you long for, while you are here on Earth instead of giving into your strong desire or what may seem like a need, to leave this world to meet that god. If a god awaits you, it will be there forever so when your life is through, even in many, many years, your God will be there then; it can't ever be too late to meet God. So there's no need to go now even if it feels that way. Your life here on Earth is important and there's so many ways you can help others (like you do through your posts).
    All this may seem like nonsense to someone who is suicidal but since I have frequent suicidal inclination myself and know more about it than those "regular" people, I hope it doesn't seem like complete rubbish. Lol
    When people who have never been suicidal preach, it can be hard to take it seriously but those of us who kjo
    I'm wishing you much love and strength. Hugs to you. ❤


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