A Rock

I come home and my niece and nephew are excited to see me. They smile and start telling me about their day. My niece that’s just a few months old smiles her cute little smile from ear to ear every time I look in her direction. I know they love me. They love to see me and the time I spend with them.

I go to work and the associates come to me anytime they need something or even sometimes when they just want to talk. A lot of them don’t understand English, so they bring me letters and bills and phone calls for me to help explain to them. They trust me to help them and do what’s best for them.

My coworkers come to me with any issues they have. They ask me for help with assignments and computer stuff. They ask for my opinions and advice. They ask me for assistance with their work. They know I’m a fixer and a doer.

At church, I am constant. I have my lessons ready when needed. I teach and I serve and I do all that is required of me. I comment when I have an insight to share. I try to talk to people who may be lonely. I try to make everyone feel welcome. I try to contribute. My leaders see me as dependable and my lessons and comments are often complimented on their insights.

My friends come to me for help, for advice, for comfort. They ask me questions about life, religion, academics. They know I would do anything for them. They know I am devoted and loyal and loving.

I am loved. I am needed. I am wanted. I am a rock, a light, a pillar to those around me…

So… what happens when I fall?


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