Don’t Take Away Your Light

I was casually perusing Facebook a couple days ago when I saw this picture:


Pretty normal picture, well-known song, nothing out of the ordinary… But that day, it hit me like it never had before.

I think of suicide on a regular basis. It is just how my mind works. But as I read the lyrics of this song, I heard each member of my family, each friend, each person that I have ever made laugh or smile, say, “please don’t take my sunshine away.”

The next time you wonder if you are worth staying around, if life is worth the heartache, remember that you are someone’s sunshine. You make someone happy when skies are gray. You may never know how much they love you, but please don’t take your light away.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Take Away Your Light

    • Sometimes there is nothing you can really do about it. Depression is an illness. You try to take care of people as much as you can and be there as much as you can, but in the end, you just have to wait and hope for them to get better

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  1. marydeegoettsche says:

    Thanks!!! We, I, need to be reminded of this!!!!!! Sometimes it can be very hard to remember, especially when in the depths of depression, that others are looking to us to be the light in their lives!!!!!


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