Something Good- Day 248-249

This has been an eventful day for me. I started my period last night, which always gives me nausea and cramps. I try not to let it slow me down, but sometimes I overdo it. I started to feel terrible while shopping and had to let my sister pay while I went to the car to rest. We stopped at a friend’s house on the way home for a few minutes, and I ended up vomiting in their bathroom. Then, I realized just before writing this that I have been putting the wrong day number on the last few posts. But, it has been a good day overall. We found the last book in a series my sister has been collecting at the thrift store. We brought our friend home to watch movies with us and had dinner and shakes. So, even though I felt terrible, the day turned out to not be so bad.

Yesterday, we spent some time with my sister’s family before they left for the weekend. Then, we watched a movie and picked up a game from someone on Facebook, which I am excited to play soon.

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