Something Good- Day 219-223

Thursday we had an Airbnb group leave and another come on the same day. I had a friend come and do the prep work and cleaning for me since I would be at work during that time. However, I was grateful that I arrived in time to look over everything and add a few things before the next group came.

Friday was a pretty good day at work. We had extra workers because I had expected to be in training all day. I had my final test run for my training and felt like it went well.

Saturday was a lazy day. I did mow the lawn, but the rest of the day was spent watching shows and playing games.

Sunday we had home church and cleaned the house a bit. Then we spent some time at a park.

Today was a rougher day. I had a breakdown because I felt like I couldn’t do anything right and always messed things up. It was my nieces birthday though, so I came inside to celebrate with her after getting my frustration out by pulling weeds. We decorated cookies and sang happy birthday.

Something Good- Day 216-218

Monday we had milkshakes for dessert, and I watched a show with my sister and brother-in-law.

Yesterday I started training at my work to open new accounts. I am excited to be learning this so I can help when my manager is unavailable. It is also nice to get off work early because I do not have to do closing procedures.

Today I am getting new internet installed, so I am hoping that will be my good thing for the day.

Something Good- Day 214-215

I spent the night at my brother’s house yesterday and the day before. I got to see my nieces and nephews and spend a couple days with them. I always love seeing them because I know how much they enjoy my company and always ask me to stay longer.

The ride home today was pretty uneventful. Then I got to spend time with my friend and her family. We have not been able to see each other for a while because our schedules have not coincided, so it was good to catch up for a while.

Something Good- Day 210-213

It has been a busy week. Tuesday I got a call to schedule my new internet installation. It was especially helpful because it will save me money every month and no longer have the data limits that I have now.

Wednesday I donated plasma and got some groceries. Then my sister and I went out for a bit to get her out of the house.

Thursday my sister went to the chiropractor and found out that she has degenerative disc disease. Not great news, but he did say that it was good they caught it early so that they could start treatment and preventative measures.

Friday I got to wear a t-shirt to work, which I loved. It was also helpful because I drove four hours to take my sister to the airport. We were running late, so I was grateful I did not have to change out of work clothes.

Something Good- Day 205-208

Honestly, if I did not already do this for over half a year, I would probably stop. It is just hard to post something every day when my days are so full.

Anyway, Thursday was a pretty good day for me, which was good because it was rough for my sister and a lot of my coworkers. So it helped even things out a bit.

Friday I went after work to donate plasma because I get a bonus for donating eight times this month and did not want to miss that opportunity. We went out to eat afterwards and then rented a movie to watch. I was so tired that I fell asleep in my day clothes as soon as the movie finished.

My mom and grandma came to visit Saturday. We went out to eat and got to spend some time together.

Sunday we had some friends over for lunch. Then, we went for a drive to see the river and some waterfalls nearby. We ended the day with cheesecake to celebrate birthdays that have passed and are coming up soon.

Something Good- Day 204

I am trying to wake up earlier for work so that I am not rushing so much in the morning. This morning I was able to get a Wendy’s breakfast sandwich because I was a few minutes early and had a coupon. I love being able to eat a good breakfast, and it helped because I had a lot going on today.

Something Good- Day 202 & 203

Yesterday was a rough day. My sister called me at work to let me know that my niece had accidentally flooded my house. I left work a few minutes early to take care of things. We had a couple companies come take a look at the damage. I worried that my insurance would not cover it, and it was an emotional situation. Eventually we found out that my insurance does cover the damage, minus the deductible. The amazing thing about everything though was that I kept pretty calm through it all. I kept having movie quotes run through my head from “Incredibles,” where Mr. Incredible is being yelled at for approving insurance coverage.

Today was a much better day. Work was pretty typical. We went to get frozen yogurt after dinner. Then we played Sardines until it was time to go to bed.

Something Good- Day 201

We watched one of my favorite Christian movies today. I love “Overcomer” because it is about finding yourself and learning who you are. I think that sometimes I get so distracted by the world and everything around me that I forget what is really important. It is good to take time to remember who I am.

Something Good- Day 199-200

Friday was a fairly calm day at work, which was unusual for a Friday. I was glad to get out on time though and headed home for a barbecue. After that we played Sardines and then went star gazing. It was a fun day overall.

Yesterday we cleaned and organized the house. We set up a bunk bed in the spare bedroom and did a lot of laundry. We were grateful that our Airbnb renters came late at night, so we had enough time to get a couple extra loads finished.