Something Good- Day 24

I gave my coworker a ride home last night. We had a good conversation along the way. Just before he got out of the car, he said to let him know if I need anything and that he and his wife would be happy to help out anytime. I love when people genuinely offer to help. Whether or not you ask for the help later, it is always nice to know that people care.

Something Good- Day 23

I was able to go bowling and play miniature golf with some friends tonight. We had a lot of fun and met some new people. I have been feeling somewhat empty today, so it was nice to just have fun for a bit.

Something Good- Day 22

We are going paperless tomorrow at the bank where I work! Today was my last day scanning all the work after hours and going through paperwork from last week to find checks that were skipped or misread. I know that converting over to the new system will have it’s own challenges, but I am excited for the change!

Something Good- Day 21

We took our neighbors a small loaf of banana bread and a thank you card tonight. They are great neighbors and have helped us with so much. When he answered the door, he was so appreciative that it took me by surprise. I mean, we were there to thank him, but he ended up saying how great we were instead. It made me feel really good inside- both because we did something good and how he reacted to it.

Something Good- Day 18 & 19

Yesterday’s something good was pretty straightforward. I downloaded an app and got free chicken nuggets.

Today had a lot of good things. Most of them were working through internal struggles. The thing I decided to write about on here though was finishing a painting I started months ago. It has been sitting on my easel since last summer, but I finally had the time and energy to finish it. I wanted to post a picture, but the internet is not letting me right now. I might try again tomorrow.

Something Good- Day 16-17

I did not want to write this last night. I had good things happen during the day, but I felt depressed and just wanted to sleep. I am grateful for understanding friends though. Both yesterday and today, I had people reach out to see how I was doing. I have also been able to spend quality time with a couple friends in the last two days, which has been really nice and much needed.