Something Good- Day 231-234

I got pizza for dinner on Tuesday. It has been hot lately, so no one has wanted to cook. But I got a good deal on pizza, and we even had leftovers.

I gave a tour of my basement to a young couple on Wednesday. They are getting married in a few months and decided to sign a lease agreement with me! I do not mind doing Airbnb since we make pretty good money from it, but I definitely prefer the consistency of renters.

I went over to my friend’s house yesterday for a visit. We talked and played with her little boy. I always enjoy our visits.

Today we had a movie night and watched the new Dora movie. It was a fun movie and good to relax with the family after an exhausting week at work.

Also, PSA the coin shortage is real. If you have any excess coin, please consider taking it to your bank. We ran out of coin at my branch this week and have had to turn away all our business customers. We are giving the coin away as fast as we get it, and we are not getting our weekly shipments to restock our supply. Thank you in advance from banks everywhere!

Something Good- Day 224-226

It has been a busy couple of days. Tuesday after work, I went grocery shopping with my sister. We rented a couple of movies and watched one that night and the other the next night. I also cleaned the Airbnb Wednesday and finished all my laundry. Today we had a surprise visit from an extended in law family member. He is not someone with whom I am very familiar, but it was nice to feel a little more connected to the world. Work has also been extremely busy the last few days, but we have pulled through and made things work.

Something Good- Day 219-223

Thursday we had an Airbnb group leave and another come on the same day. I had a friend come and do the prep work and cleaning for me since I would be at work during that time. However, I was grateful that I arrived in time to look over everything and add a few things before the next group came.

Friday was a pretty good day at work. We had extra workers because I had expected to be in training all day. I had my final test run for my training and felt like it went well.

Saturday was a lazy day. I did mow the lawn, but the rest of the day was spent watching shows and playing games.

Sunday we had home church and cleaned the house a bit. Then we spent some time at a park.

Today was a rougher day. I had a breakdown because I felt like I couldn’t do anything right and always messed things up. It was my nieces birthday though, so I came inside to celebrate with her after getting my frustration out by pulling weeds. We decorated cookies and sang happy birthday.

Something Good- Day 199-200

Friday was a fairly calm day at work, which was unusual for a Friday. I was glad to get out on time though and headed home for a barbecue. After that we played Sardines and then went star gazing. It was a fun day overall.

Yesterday we cleaned and organized the house. We set up a bunk bed in the spare bedroom and did a lot of laundry. We were grateful that our Airbnb renters came late at night, so we had enough time to get a couple extra loads finished.

Something Good- Day 152

We have had renters for the past two months. This was a huge blessing financially during the quarantine because we would not have been able to continue our Airbnb during that time. We were also grateful to have people to spend time with and for the extra help with our yard. Our renters officially moved out today, but we were able to have church with them one last time and play some games together.

Something Good- Day 65

We had a home inspection done today to make sure that our basement is acceptable for renting. I am happy to say that we were approved in the first walkthrough. I have to put a couple screws in the wall to secure the fire extinguisher and CO detector, but I was grateful it went well. I am still debating on continuing the Airbnb until August or finding someone to rent more permanently starting in April, so we can start foster care sooner. I wonder sometimes though if I am ready for foster care. As much as I love children, I am not sure I can handle having children around all the time.