Something Good- Day 360-365

I went to my brother’s house for Christmas day. We arrived later than I had planned because I wanted to clean the house before we left, but we ate dinner and then opened gifts with them.

I spent the next few days at my brother’s house. I was able to hold the baby for a while and spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews. Saturday, we took the kids out to lunch at a pizza buffet. We watched Soul and then went to a light show about 30 minutes from their house. It was a bit of a drive, but definitely worth it.

We had a birthday party on Sunday for my oldest nephew. We had lunch and cake. Then, he opened his presents. We left afterwards to come back home.

Monday was a pretty good day at work. My boss finally came back after being out sick for three months. We were all excited to see her because it has been so long. The day went smoothly, and I was even able to donate plasma during my lunch.

Yesterday we had homemade barbeque meatball subs for dinner. I signed up for a bank account to get a special cash back offer, which I was really excited about. Then, we watched a movie and relaxed.

Today we went to the store to check out holiday clearance items. We bought a few gifts to save for next year and some candy and other things. I am looking forward to taking some time off work over the next couple weeks and spending time with friends in the new year.

Something Good- Day 294

I have been delaying writing this tonight. There has been a lot on my mind with Covid controversies, work issues, and personal issues. We also had a frustrating experience with dinner tonight. But… We did get some Christmas presents ready tonight. We are trying to be very practical in our gifts this year while still keeping an element of fun. We also were able to find some gifts for my nephew, who is turning two years old next month. I find it difficult to buy gifts for that age, but we found some great stuff that I think both he and his parents would like.

Something Good- Day 286

I had today off of work, so we got some things done around the house. I fixed a pair of pants and a shirt this morning that needed buttons sewn on and then did a couple loads of laundry. My sister washed the dishes and cleaned the stove. Then, we bought more tissues because I go through those really fast. We also went out to eat and got my sister’s birthday present. It’s still a few weeks early, but it is rare for me to have a day off to go to certain stores that close early now.

Something Good- Day 219-223

Thursday we had an Airbnb group leave and another come on the same day. I had a friend come and do the prep work and cleaning for me since I would be at work during that time. However, I was grateful that I arrived in time to look over everything and add a few things before the next group came.

Friday was a pretty good day at work. We had extra workers because I had expected to be in training all day. I had my final test run for my training and felt like it went well.

Saturday was a lazy day. I did mow the lawn, but the rest of the day was spent watching shows and playing games.

Sunday we had home church and cleaned the house a bit. Then we spent some time at a park.

Today was a rougher day. I had a breakdown because I felt like I couldn’t do anything right and always messed things up. It was my nieces birthday though, so I came inside to celebrate with her after getting my frustration out by pulling weeds. We decorated cookies and sang happy birthday.

Something Good- Day 181-182

We had chili fries and shakes for dinner yesterday. Chili fries have always been one of my favorite foods, though I prefer them homemade with jalapeno carrots. They were still good though.

My sister decided to give me my birthday presents today, since I’ll probably be half asleep in the morning and she doesn’t like waiting. It was mostly candy and hygiene items, but I appreciated the thought and they were all things I need or enjoy.

Something Good- Day 178-180

I had a game night birthday party last night. We went shopping on Friday to pick up snacks and dessert for the party. We had a fun night and played a few different games.

Then, today we were able to go back to church for the first time since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. We also had some friends over tonight to play games.

Special Occasions

I am not too fond of most special occasions. I do not enjoy dressing up, I struggle with noises and crowds, and I find it hard to make small talk. Yet, I find myself going to almost every wedding reception, party, or other event to which I am invited. I have even traveled as much as 8 hours in one day just to attend an event for a few minutes.

It may seem strange to most people that I would dedicate so much time to one event, but it’s important to me that my friends know I value what is important to them. A wedding reception is not my version of a good time, but I know that I would want to see my friends at my wedding reception, so I go to every reception I can reasonably attend.

For many years, I have vehemently expressed my distaste for birthdays. I do not have many fond memories of birthdays, and I always struggle to find joy in the days leading up to my birthday. Despite all of this, I have always felt that birthdays are extremely special and even sacred events. A day set aside to celebrate the existence of someone has to have special meaning and value.

So, as hard as it is, I continue to go to special events, travel to see friends on special occasions, and try to get through the things that are hard for me because if it’s important to my friends, it’s important to me.

Talking about special occasions, today is my 7 year anniversary of starting this blog!

Celebrating Christ’s Birth

It is no secret that I am not fond of birthdays. There are years that I would like to avoid my birthday altogether. However, as we talked today in church about Christ’s birthday. I thought about what Christmas represents.

Christmas is a day to remember Christ. So, how would he want us to remember Him? By giving of ourselves- giving to others, helping others, loving others. That is how Christ spent His life. In truth, the birth of Jesus was a gift from both Christ and the Father. Jesus gave us the gift of His life- of becoming mortal so that He could save us, serve us, and show us how to live like Him. And the Father gave us the gift of His Son.

I think that the Spirit of Christmas is the perfect way to celebrate Christ’s birthday because we strive to do exactly what He did in His mortal life- give, love, serve. I hope my birthday can help people remember those things, too. But I am grateful for the perfect example to celebrate with “peace on earth, goodwill to men.”


I was invited to a birthday party yesterday. As far as I remember, this is the first time I have been specifically invited to a birthday party. I have been to parties for my family and sister’s friends, but not for one of my friends, not because someone specifically wanted me there. The only party I remember being invited to was in middle school and that was more of a going away party than anything else. Long story short, it didn’t go well. And needless to say, I haven’t been to one since.

Although this probably would have been an okay party and I probably could have appeared to not be completely socially awkward, I was nervous about it. So, when I had a perfect excuse to not stay at the party, I was happy to oblige. I went, said happy birthday, dropped off a gift, and left. Maybe I should have stayed for a bit and mingled. Maybe I should have taken advantage of the fact that I actually was invited and wanted there.

But I don’t like birthdays. My earliest memory of a birthday is when I was staying at a mice-infested house, my body covered in mosquito bites, helping to clean trash up to my waist, and throwing garbage into the dumpster when I realized it was my birthday and I was now 7 years old. Most of my other birthdays were lonely times, when little to no friends came.

So, this time, I just bowed out gracefully. Maybe next time I’ll face my fears. Maybe next time I’ll stay and mingle and possibly slightly overcome my fear of birthdays. Maybe if there is a next time, I’ll find a reason to enjoy birthdays.

Getting Older

Today I turned 25. And today, I feel like I am 25. It’s sort of strange getting older, or at least counting the years of getting older. Are we as old as our birth certificates say we are? Or are we the age we feel inside?

In the last year, I started a job in a company where I could possibly stay for the rest of my life; I bought a car; I got my own insurance; I got my first speeding ticket. And all in all, I just changed. I feel different. I feel older and responsible and ready to be an adult and settle down and find my way in the world.

I feel like I go through stages in my life. I was basically a kid all through high school. I went through my teenager stage in college. I went through young adult singleness for the last four years, and now I’m ready for the next stage.

So today I am 25 and officially an adult inside. I don’t know if I’ll be 26 next year or if I’ll just stay 25 for a few years, but today my birth certificate and my soul are in sync.