Something Good- Day 304-306

We spent most of Friday afternoon getting ready for Halloween. We made candy chutes and signs for our door. Then, we watched a Halloween movie.

Our Halloween set up

Saturday morning was spent shopping for a new refrigerator. I bought one that was more expensive than originally planned but will arrive earlier and probably fill my needs more long term. I ran a few more errands afterwards, then came back home to pass out candy.

Today was a somewhat stressful day. We had new renters move in last night and realized they are allergic to cats, which is somewhat problematic since we have two cats. We had planned to keep one cat downstairs in the garage but decided we might try something different instead. We spent most of the day rearranging furniture while deciding what to do with our garage cat. We are still working on a final solution but hope it will all work out soon.

Something Good- Day 191-192

We are not supposed to give out treats at my work for sanitary purposes at the moment, but a little boy came into the branch with his mom and really wanted a lollipop. I figured since it was to protect people from germs, it would be okay if I handed it to the mom without touching it. I used a clean paper towel to pick up the candy by the wrapper and handed it to the mom. Maybe I broke policy for a moment, but I made a child happy. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the rules that we forget why they are there. It was nice for things to be somewhat normal for a moment.

Yesterday we went shopping and got an oil change. The oil change was long overdue, and I bought a couple emergency items for my car. It was nice to feel more secure driving, knowing that I can handle an unexpected car issue when it happens. I also got a few other items that I am excited about but will need to sell some things to make up for them.

Something Good- Day 181-182

We had chili fries and shakes for dinner yesterday. Chili fries have always been one of my favorite foods, though I prefer them homemade with jalapeno carrots. They were still good though.

My sister decided to give me my birthday presents today, since I’ll probably be half asleep in the morning and she doesn’t like waiting. It was mostly candy and hygiene items, but I appreciated the thought and they were all things I need or enjoy.

Something Good- Day 100

My grandma sent me money for Easter. We bought some Easter candy a few weeks ago and ate it all already. Since I knew my grandma was sending me some Easter money, I was able to buy some more candy and eggs so that we can still have a fun Easter. We also have renters moving in tomorrow that will be here for about a month, so we invited them upstairs for Easter dinner. It will be nice to have a somewhat normal holiday in the midst of these uncomfortable circumstances.