Something Good- Day 297-299

We spent most of Friday night packing for our trip to see family. I did spend some time with a friend that I had not seen in a while, as well.

Saturday morning, I went to get an oil change and have my tires serviced. Afterwards, I donated plasma, and we went out for lunch. We arrived at my brother’s house a little later than planned, but the kids were excited to see us.

Today was pretty mellow. We had home church, then watched some movies and played with the kids. At the end of the night, we took the kids for a drive to see Halloween decorations.

Something Good- Day 191-192

We are not supposed to give out treats at my work for sanitary purposes at the moment, but a little boy came into the branch with his mom and really wanted a lollipop. I figured since it was to protect people from germs, it would be okay if I handed it to the mom without touching it. I used a clean paper towel to pick up the candy by the wrapper and handed it to the mom. Maybe I broke policy for a moment, but I made a child happy. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the rules that we forget why they are there. It was nice for things to be somewhat normal for a moment.

Yesterday we went shopping and got an oil change. The oil change was long overdue, and I bought a couple emergency items for my car. It was nice to feel more secure driving, knowing that I can handle an unexpected car issue when it happens. I also got a few other items that I am excited about but will need to sell some things to make up for them.

Something Good- Day 121

I used my grocery store points to get gas this morning. I rarely go to this gas station because it is more expensive than my normal station, but it is the only place that accepts the points. This gas station will also pump the gas for you if you choose. I never have them pump it because it is faster if I do it, but I decided to let them today. It was an interesting experience and I probably will do it myself next time, but it was nice to eat some breakfast while having my gas pumped for me. And I saved a couple dollars on gas.