Something Good- Day 178-180

I had a game night birthday party last night. We went shopping on Friday to pick up snacks and dessert for the party. We had a fun night and played a few different games.

Then, today we were able to go back to church for the first time since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. We also had some friends over tonight to play games.

Something Good- Day 152

We have had renters for the past two months. This was a huge blessing financially during the quarantine because we would not have been able to continue our Airbnb during that time. We were also grateful to have people to spend time with and for the extra help with our yard. Our renters officially moved out today, but we were able to have church with them one last time and play some games together.

Something Good- Day 131

We did church with more of our family today. It was fun to have us all together and be able to share Mother’s day. Afterwards we watched a devotional about mothers. It was inspiring, and I liked how it talked about finding happiness and sitting with others through their pain. That is what being a mother is all about- learning to balance your own needs while making sacrifices for the ones you love.

Something Good- Day 116 & 117

Yesterday was a catch up day. I washed all my clothes, got an oil change, switched out my winter tires, and then helped my sister with her homework. It was not an exciting day, but I was glad to be able to do everything.

I was able to have church with my family today. We did a video call and had music and a lesson together. We are planning to do it again next week and may even be able to get more family participating. It was nice to feel a little closer to family and be able to see them more.

Something Good- Day 109 & 110

I fell asleep last night while writing my good thing, but yesterday was a good day. We went for a drive through Bear World, spent some time social distancing with friends, and got our sprinklers working.

Today was a harder day. We were able to have a short devotional meeting for home church and watch an inspirational movie, but then I had a meltdown from overstressing. Luckily, trying to find a good thing for the day forced me to calm down before going to sleep.

Something Good- Day 103

We decided to dress up for church this morning. I have not dressed up for church since they were all closed for social distancing, but I think I might do it more often because it does help get you in the mood for worship. It was nice to study and watch videos about Jesus’s life and resurrection. We were then able to have dinner with our renters and then go out and do some chalk art. We did not stay out long because it was cold, but I finished this one.


Something Good- Day 94-95

I decided to take the day off yesterday. I slept in, watched shows, and ordered pizza for dinner. It was a needed day of relaxation.

I felt a lot better today and woke up with more energy. I watched conference for my church and painted rocks with my sister in the afternoon. I thought they turned out well!


Something Good- Day 55

We had our church activity today. It went really well, but I got overwhelmed and frustrated when we we’re cleaning up. My sister’s family came though, which really helped. We did a food drive auction. My brother-in-law was able to be the auctioneer. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and we had a lot of food donated. It was a pretty good day overall, and I was able to take some time later to relax and calm down.

Something Good- Day 53 & 54

We spent most of the day cleaning yesterday. Then I went to a service project where we made plastic bag mats and ate nachos. It was a very productive day but also exhausting, which is why I was not able to get my post out yesterday. Today I went with my sister to a breakfast to help plan activities for our church’s singles group. I am really excited about the activity we have planned for tomorrow. I will have to write about it tomorrow if everything goes well!

Something Good- Day 40

I spent a few hours this morning working on a point system for a food drive and service auction we will be doing for a church activity in a couple weeks. It took a lot of time to figure out sizes of different types of food to calculate points, but I was pretty proud of the finished product. I hope that the actual activity goes well when the time comes. It was also nice to be able to talk to so many people today at church and activities after church.