Something Good- Day 255-257

I came home very hungry on Friday, so we decided to eat out rather than cook something. We went to three different restaurants that all had long lines. While driving through the parking lot, we noticed that Jack-in-the-box had no line and decided to go there instead. I felt better after eating and we stopped at the grocery store to get some necessities before heading home. We spent the rest of the night trying to figure out financial aid for my sister, but we finally got everything done.

Saturday morning I scrolled through Facebook while eating breakfast and saw a posting for free furniture. I quickly changed and drove over. I was able to get a couple chairs for our basement and some cabinets. By noon, we had turned the cabinets into a makeshift play kitchen. Then, we took a quick trip to donate plasma and check out the thrift store. We found a stove for $0.50, which worked perfectly for the new kitchen we had made. We spent the rest of the night at my friend’s house for dinner and a movie.

Today, we went to church and had lunch there with friends. Afterwards, we updated the kitchen with pictures, a makeshift sink, and organized the supplies in the drawers. It looked great when we were all done, and the kids loved it!

Something Good- Day 136-137

My sister and I have been watching the “Be Our Chef” show on Disney+ and decided we wanted to do a Disney themed meal one day. Yesterday we went shopping for the ingredients, and today we made the meal. To be honest, we did not actually cook anything, but we did put thought into how it would fit each movie. Haha.

For anyone who is curious, I did a 101 Dalmatians themed dinner. My sister did dessert with a Frozen theme. I bought pizza for dinner with black and white toppings and red soda to drink. We also had muddy buddy “puppy chow” mix and white chocolate covered strawberries with chocolate chip sprinkles for snacks. My sister bought a cheesecake and decorated it with blue coloring, sprinkles, and Frozen toys.