Something Good- Day 302

Today is my sister’s birthday. We left my brother’s house early this morning to spend some time with a couple of her friends on our way back home. We also stopped a couple times along the way to shop and eat. We were able to find the last book of a series she has been collecting, as well as several movies and books at the local thrift store. We ended the night with one of her favorite desserts, pumpkin cheesecake.

Something Good- Day 216-218

Monday we had milkshakes for dessert, and I watched a show with my sister and brother-in-law.

Yesterday I started training at my work to open new accounts. I am excited to be learning this so I can help when my manager is unavailable. It is also nice to get off work early because I do not have to do closing procedures.

Today I am getting new internet installed, so I am hoping that will be my good thing for the day.