Something Good- Day 245-247

We had a barbecue on Tuesday with burgers, chicken kabobs, and corn on the cob. It was delicious and made even more delicious by the fresh vegetables we picked from our friends’ garden.

Yesterday we were able to ride horses at my friends’ house. The kids loved it. They were also able to pick vegetables and drive the riding lawnmower.

I went over to another friend’s house for a bit this afternoon. We got to talk and catch up.

Something Good- Day 241-244

Friday we went to our friends’ house for a while. We were able to talk for a while and play with their pets.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. The kids loved it, and we all had fun. Afterwards, I helped watch my nieces so that my sister could go on a date with her husband. We had pizza and played games.

We went to church on Sunday for a special meeting. Afterwards, we were able to pick vegetables from our friends’ garden.

Today was a good day at work. We had dinner and played games with my sister’s family when I came home. Then we went grocery shopping to plan dinners this week.

Something Good- Day 193-194

I realized I missed Thursday in my last post. (So this is technically days 191 and 194, but it is easier to keep track this way.) Anyway, it was a rough night, so it was hard to think of something good. I went to bed early and just laid there feeling depressed. My sister did come to check on me though and spent time with me just so I would not be alone.

Today we were able to see a friend that moved away last year. We hung out outside and kept our distance, but it was good to catch up for a while. We also noticed that our raspberries are starting to ripen. I was able to pick a small handful to share with our friend.

Something Good- Day 185-188

It has been a while since I posted. Friday we fixed up my lawn. We pulled weeds and mowed and switched out a sprinkler. Then we went to a friend’s house for cake and fireworks.

We left early Saturday morning to go to my brother’s house. We got there in time for lunch and were able to spend time with the kids. We went to bed late after a busy day with the family.

Sunday we had a video call with my sister’s family and then did a mini church meeting. We headed home after dinner and then went straight to bed.

Work was exhausting today, but we went to the grocery store afterwards. My sister committed to making healthier meal choices, so we stocked up on fruits and vegetables. Then we had sandwiches and wraps fpr dinner.

Overall, it has been a busy but good week.

Something Good- Day 165-166

We visited a friend in Montana yesterday. It took a couple hours of driving to get there, but it was a nice drive through green mountains with lots of trees. It was nice to spend time with her again and have fun. Afterwards, we went to another friend’s house and had pizza.

Today we went outside and planted our tomato plant. I really hope it survives because our garden died last year, so we started much later this year in hopes that the plants will do better. We had a friend give us some flowers to pot as well, which are doing good so far.

Something Good- Day 146-147

We arrived home late last night from our trip. Before we left though, we were able to visit our nephew’s grave and leave some flowers. I love being able to remember him and keep him in our hearts.


My sister had class tonight, so I decided to go outside to pull weeds. She joined me after class and we ended up trimming our trees and cleaning up dead foliage. It felt good to get so much work done and it looked great afterwards!

Something Good- Day 127 & 128

Yesterday we went to Walmart and got a bunch of clearance items. We were able to get a lot of needed household items and some gifts for great prices.

I was able to do some gardening after work today. I cleared the weeds and dead flowers. There is still more to do, but it looked a lot nicer afterwards.

Something Good- Day 101

We worked on our garden yesterday. We pulled weeds and trimmed trees and bushes. Our neighbors also had someone working on their garden. He gave us pointers about how to take care of raspberries. It was extremely helpful because I don’t have much experience with gardening and our raspberry bushes needed a lot of work. When he was done, he said goodbye and got ready to leave. However, he changed his mind and decided to help us trim and clear out the bushes a bit before leaving. We were both very grateful and it was nice to have someone to talk to for a few minutes.